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Children are the future of any country or society. Educational institutions are places where children and adolescents spend most critical phase of their lives which shapes up their future. Restrooms are an integral part of any educational institution since children find it as a merry point far from tensed classrooms. Dirty washrooms can hamper their mental peace thereby limiting their grasping and learning capability. All the students specially females should have round the clock access to clean hygienic washrooms. But it really becomes a puzzle when it comes to choosing the right material for school restrooms.

There are various materials which are available in the market for making restrooms like glass, metal, wood, brick and mortar but when it comes to children it seems there is one obvious choice, HPL compact based restrooms. Compact laminate possesses myriad of remarkable properties which sets it apart from all their competitors. Let’s have a closer look at some of their properties.

Light in weight – HPL Compact made partitions are light in weight and hence do not pose any hindrance for use by children who have feeble muscle strength. Children can easily close and open the door of Compact made restrooms which make them favourable over heavy objects like wooden, metal and glass doors.

Different Shapes – Compact based restrooms can be easily given any desired shape which is dear to children like fruits, candies and various other interesting shapes that too in desired colours.

Different Shades and Colours – It’s an established fact that children are very fond of colours right from their drawing books to colourful classrooms, books and everything. Myriad of shades available in HPL compact panels help designers to create beautiful combinations even in mundane thing like restrooms which keep the children delighted.

Graffiti Resistant – Children like to play with colours more than anything else. At an age when pencils and colours have just made entry into their lives, every surface is a canvas for them. Same applies for restrooms where children paint their abstract imaginations creating problems for cleaning staff. But thankfully, Compact Laminate made restrooms can be easily cleaned with proper cleaning agents allowing children to stain the restrooms without being reprimanded by school authorities.

Fire Resistance – HPL Compact made restrooms provide superior fire resistance which is very necessary in educational institutions where young lives are at stake. Even if they catch fire, they do not cause poisonous smoke or fire droplets which can be life threatening.

Safety – Children are always up for hitting anything and everything at their disposal. In such a scenario restroom made of glass can be fatal to their lives. Similarly, metallic restroom components can easily develop sharp corners which can cut through skin easily. HPL Compact made restrooms are very sturdy and can withstand high intensity impacts without chipping or breaking. Apart from this, HPL Compact made restrooms can be easily chamfered and sanded to remove any sharp edges which may hurt the children.

Hygiene– Apart from all above spectacular properties, Compact panels also provide excellent anti-bacterial properties which makes them highly safe for children who tend to even lick surfaces carefree. Compact panel used in Merino Restrooms is a certified anti-bacterial product which remains 99% bacteria free at any point of time.

From above all points we can easily conclude that Compact Laminate based restrooms are perfect choice for children restrooms in schools. They provide safe, cheerful and holistic environment inside a restroom which is essential for nascent minds to thrive and grow into healthy intelligent adults.

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