Do you offer a guarantee on your cubicles?

We don’t offer guarantee, but we provide warranty* for 5 years on Merino HPL compact laminate and 1 year of manufacturing warranty* on the hardware.


*Terms & conditions apply

Do you have budget range of toilet cubicles?

Yes, there are different techno-commercial options for merino restroom cubicles. Please discuss with the sales representative for further details.


Do you have a price list?

Due to our products being made to measure, pricing is done on a job-to-job basis.

Do you offer a fit-out service?

Yes, all our cubicle systems are designed to be installed by our trained installation team.

Can we have stainless steel Hardware in PD Doors?

No, we can provide only nylon hardware in PD Doors.

How quickly can I get my order?

For the 10 standard colours, delivery will take place within 21 days. For the other 55 colours, delivery lead time will be informed during order processing.

Which cubicles are suitable for wet areas?

Cubicles made with Merino Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) panels are suitable for wet or shower areas. CGL panels are also impact resistant making them perfect for high usage areas.


Can I buy replacement/spare parts?

Maintenance Packs (including spare fittings) can be supplied with your initial order on request at extra cost. Replacement parts will only be sold against customer request.

Can we select shades from your master folder?

This is not advisable. There are 65 standard shades which are used for Merino Restroom Solutions. It is advised that client select designs of their choice from these 65 designs.

Is there any customisation in term of sizes and design?

Yes, we can customise size/colours/accessories for cubicle provided there is feasibility of doing so.

Where can we use PD Doors?

We recommend PD Doors where client have already done brick work and partition between two toilet cubicles are already made.

Is there any categorization as per public area?

Yes, we can provide different restroom solution for different usage categories. e.g. we have our Back to School series only meant to be used in schools or children engagement areas.

Can we give tab, shower jet, sanitary fittings, Toilet Accessories at MRC?

No, we can provide accessories with cubicles only as per the standard models; you can install other sanitary fittings on wall.

What are the site requirements for cubicle installation?

  • Civil work completion
  • Absence of false ceiling (in case client selects Ceiling Hung model)
  • Completion of metal grinding operations at site
  • Availability of plumbing planning drawing
  •  Non-acidic environment

Are the cubicles fire retardant?

Merino compact laminate, which is the base material of Merino Restroom Cubicle, has got retardant class of B-S1, d0 (Test Method: EN 13501-1)

What are the do’s and don’ts of cubicle maintenance?

Use moist cloth/soap water for cleaning the cubicle walls and accessories.

Never use any acidic agent to clean cubicle components to avoid decolourisation.

What are the details required for getting quotation?

We need to know the MRC model you are interested in, no. of cubicles, UMP, Grab Bars and lockers you require. A drawing with measurement would also be perfect. If you are not sure of anything give us a call and we will be able to help you through the process of site measurement and consultation for your specific requirement.