Shaurya – Merino’s Internal Wall Cladding Solution is a High Pressure Compact Laminate based wall protection system with a first-of-its-kind technology in India. As the name suggests, this product is primarily used for internal application i.e. protecting the internal walls of a building from various kinds of damage, along with enhancing the aesthetics of the interior.

Fire Resistant
Fire Resistant
Impact Resistant
High Impact Resistant
Anti Bacterial
Anti Bacterial
Chemical Resistant
Chemical Resistant
VOC Emission
Low VOC Emission (Certified by Greenguard)
Extensive colours & customisable designs

Why Shaurya IWC?

The primary purpose of Shaurya is to provide protection to the internal wall from di­fferent damages viz. water, scratch, graffiti, soiling, impact, colour fading and minor burn marks. Apart from the damage protection, purpose, there are other reasons for installing Shaurya.

To improve aesthetics of wall
To cover cabling arrangements
To develop anti-bacterial surface for medical applications
To match the wall with overall furniture design
To provide scope for future changes in the wall as Shaurya is very easy to uninstall

Colors & Finishes

Technical Specifications

Types of IWC

Wall Hung
In this type of wall protection system, various aluminium profiles form a strong and stable frame that can hold 9mm compact panel using a reliable and sturdy interlocking mechanism. The profiles are designed in such a way that they are not visible from the front except from top, bottom and corners.

Wall Punched System
In this type of wall protection system, the compact panels are affixed directly into the wall without using any aluminium profiles. However, the top, bottom and corners are still covered with aluminium profiles to protect the edges. Wall-punched system is an economic option as compared to Wall-Hung System since it uses only 6mm compact panels and uses less number of aluminium profiles.

Where can Shaurya be installed in restroom?

Shaurya can be used in restroom cubicles in the following manners or in different combination of all the following options:

  • Covering only the ledge wall part of the back wall
  • Covering the back wall up to the height of the divider
  • If there is brick wall in one or both side of the cubicles (e.g. where one uses the pdDoor system), then brick walls can be covered with Shaurya

Components & Materials

The components of the product primarily comprise of HP compact laminate and suitable metallic hardware profiles. With the help of the mounting hardware mechanism, the compact laminate panels are installed to the wall.

Comparison between Shaurya Internal Wall Cladding and Stone Cladding

Attributes Shaurya Stone Cladding
Design options Unlimited design options including stone designs, wood grain designs, metallic designs, plain colour designs, etc. Only the stone designs and plain colour designs are available.
Anti-microbial Property Anti-microbial property of Shaurya makes it ideal for usage in medical facilities, schools, toilet cubicles, kitchen etc. Apart from graphite cladding, stone cladding does not possess the anti-microbial property.
Installation Custom made panel and state-of-the-art profiles make the installation process very easy. There is no water requirement. The installation process is less time consuming. Stone cutting and pasting involves much higher effort. Water requirement is much more as use of adhesive, cutting of stone and joining are involved.
Uninstallation Uninstallation is much easier to accommodate changes in cabling in future. This involves much lesser time and effort. Involves a lot of time and effort as the stone cladding needs to be broken for making any change in future.
Maintenance Shaurya is a very low maintenance product—occasional cleaning with water/suggested chemicals is sufficient. May require periodic sealing to prevent staining.
Performance against Vibration The Compact panel of Shaurya has a higher vibration resistance. Softer stone cladding will tend to crack during higher vibration.
Load Contribution Much lesser load contribution on building. Higher load contribution on building.
Surface faults/finish Free from any surface faults. In fact, surface finish can also be customized. Can have naturally occurring surface faults, especially in case of natural stone. Surface finish remains typical to that of stone.
Stain Resistance Shaurya has very good stain resistance. Natural stones can be porous and tend to stain more rapidly than Shaurya.